Sunday, October 31, 2004

October moving to a new building

In October we had to move to a new building. The old one was a combination of buildings, and was not very well compared to the new one. The advantage is that the building was custom made as forensic laboratory, and that all conditions for forensic work are filled in. More information is available from .

It was a somewhat hectic period, since casework had to continue. Several cases where finished in time, whereas some cases where delayed due to the time spend on moving.Of course since we knew we would go and move a long time ago, we could take this into account with planning of cases.

The new building is easy to reach by bike from the station. The first impressions are lots of space, however somewhat sterile.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


September has been a busy month. Lots of casework, a conference in Krakow and some R&D-projects. Last week I have been in Krakow at the ENFSI- Forensic IT and the FIDIS workshop. At the ENFSI-FIT conference I was elected as chairman, and we are going to organize another conference in the Netherlands next year. It was a nice conference, and one of the advantages of conferences and presentations is that it will let you focus on presentation of the results on R&D-projects and of course lots of communication with other colleagues. Krakow was also a nice city, however we had to work five days long. The FIDIS workshop also went well (I was chairing that workshop, so I might be somewhat biased).

Next week I have to be recertified as a forensic scientist. Certification was also one of the topics at the conference, and it was brought by the National Center of Forensic Sciences in Orlando. The certification process I have next week, is that I have submitted five reports to the committee together with a form on which is stated that I still fulfill the requirements (education, number of cases and R&D-projects). The committee will ask questions concerning the reports as if it was a court case. Two committee members are not from our lab (e.g. the Forensic Science Service in the UK), and after the hearing they will decide if I can be recertified, or otherwise what other steps have to be taken to be recertified again. This recertification is valid for a period of four years. Now it is an internal process, however the future would be that an external body would do these kind of reviews.