Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 2015

 This month we worked for an update on the best practice manual for the ENFSI Forensic IT working group in London which will be soon out for public review on . It is one of the actions to have more standards and validation of results in Digital Evidence. We can see some issues with digital evidence in this article with a case to that standard software from the shelf led to the conclusion in court that the word chloroform was retrieved 84 times instead of 1 and the software designer reported this error. So validation of the results and the interpretation of digital evidence remains important.

I also worked on some casework and had to testify in court. Currently also working on my inaugural lecture as professor in Amsterdam on forensic data science on 12 november 2015. As usual the deadlines of European projects is also at the end of the summer on 28 August, so currently on two of them related to big data as a participant.

The EAFS will be held in Prague and the Forensic IT working group which I am currently chairing will also meet for three days.