Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

This month was an excellent month, since we did not have an backlogs in casework, and I had four new students that started on different projects with doing new validation studies on camera identification, as well as aging and determining influence of firmware. Also the heart beat continues as such. I also had an evening at a crime scene for making reference video for a forensic comparison. Even the projects were going well, and all was correctly timed.

This month the American Academy of Forensic Sciences had its meeting in Atlanta from 18-25 February. It was a well attended meeting with over 4000 people attending. I was one of the organizers two workshops, one on 2D and 3D morphometrics for the Forensic Science Foundation and another workshop on innovations in multimedia forensics. Both went well, and I was also invited for a presentation at the Interdisciplinary Workshop. It appeared all workshops were sold out, and it is always nice to learn from questions that are asked.

As a Director of the Digital and Multimedia Section, I was also attending the Board of Director meeting in Monday and Saturday. Overall the meeting gave many new ideas, and it was for me good to see that collaboration between the different disciplines in forensic science goes very well. Also I was elected for the editorial board of the Journal of Forensic Science, which I also like very much because it has many disciplines in forensic science combined.

Picture taken at the Aquarium in Atlanta at Presidents Reception on Thursday

Later on the scientific session of our section also went very well, with lots of attendance on the forensic aspects of Facebook. I also have papers on video carving and on heart beat detection from videos.