Sunday, November 30, 2008

December 2008

I just came back from a week vacation in the Middle East and then it appeared that Zeno's Forensic Site was suspended for several days due to someone abusing one of the cgi-scripts (indeed hackers seem to develop better tools to be unrecognised). When returning back from my vacation I had a delay of two days due to bad weather in Europe. So, now everything is fixed again, however I learn that it is always wise to monitor everything constantly. And of course, I also have to make backups of the ever expanding website. And after a week of vacation I can start again with a fresh mind.

At my work we had some nice results with the research projects. Several people are working on the projects I wrote on before, such as ENF and PRNU, also for FIDIS. I think we will make also new developments on these open source. And finally the encyclopedia got finished, so thanks to all, I think it will be published in 2009.

Also in European FP7 projects more forensic topics are included, so it appears to work fine. Furthermore I have some backlog with publications etc, however that is the way life is, since casework is first. Next Wednesday I have to go to court to testify as an expert witness in a case.