Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 2006 (3)

At the end of december, finishing tasks and deadlines. The handouts of the AAFS workshop in February should be ready now. Then I have some work for writing and reviewing articles. Also the FIDIS network of excellence asks me to write a small contribution to a deliverable, which should be finished soon.

The most suprising is that I have to go to court on the 27 December 2006, to explain a report that I have written on CCTV-evidence. Normally you just can finish and clean tasks, however it belongs to the job. Furthermore I have to be reachable for my work 24 hours a day these two weeks, in case expertise is needed. However it is all nice. I also have to clean up my mailbox, since it appeared I had 9 Gigabytes in my mailbox and the mailserver was not very happy with that. That also takes some work (since I like to have all mail available of the past for the information).

Friday, December 15, 2006

December 2006 (2)

After the vacation and one week sickness due to some side effects of cholesterol medication where I had this catherisation in a hospital since it appeared to effect the hart, I am finally relaxing. Stopped the medicine, and I was very glad that the effects were disappearing.

When I came back at the office, I had the usual piles of mails and emails and work. It appeared that our director gets a promotion and moves away. Then it appeared that in the week I was in hospital and at home due to the side effects, the conference on digital evidence I organised, did not work out too well. I should have finished the program last week and call the persons if they really would show up. However then it appeared that due to bad luck on one afternoon none of the three workshops worked out.

That week I went to a conference with chairpersons of ENFSI Working group . Since I had somewhat too many tasks (and also had to check with the hospital if I could fly again, since I also had many contusions in my arm due to the catherisation, which took more time then expected since they had to test different catheters before the right one came in the right hart chamber). I came in one day later. It was very nice organized in Tallinn, Estonia. Our director is current president of the ENFSI, and it was a good experience. We had an open discussion. Also the declaration of FIDIS in Budapest where I was involved in earlier was discussed, since it was the biometric passport which was discussed here.

Last week it was nice at the office. I had to do some casework. In one case we had to do many comparison, however we still needed some extra material to draw a conclusion. Also discussions on the profile of the new director (since I am chairman of the employees council). Then later on a received a letter to testify in court for a case I did several months ago. So even on 27 December an appointment. Normally this week it somewhat more quiet.

Also the preparation work for the different tasks I have to do :
- FIDIS writing some contributions
- the encyclopedia writhing a contribution and keeping track of the contributors
- AAFS workshop handout

It suddenly appeared also that two of my projects where cut in their budget. One on the biometric devices and the other one of measurement of noise in camera's for identification (since we would like to validate this). It appeared that I could find alternative budget in the NFI for the second, however I have to spend the money this year. And in government organisations that is not easy.. since these processes take longs. However I am always positive and try to find a solution for that. Mostly if you really spend some time in these processes they speed up. The biometric devices is more interesting, however perhaps partly we can do it with the funding of FIDIS. And most of the times you will find new solutions if you can find them. It makes the work also even nicer ;)