Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 2013

As usual November is a busy month with meetings and other plan making activities and of course casework. Also busy with projects for students on vein comparison.

The Horizon 2013 Conference of the Forensic Science Society in Manchester was a very well organized and attended event. I presented a key note on digital identity, and it was good to meet the colleagues in this field. Also nice to see that the quality assurance around new fields is progressing fast with the Forensic Regulator in the UK.

It was also the week for the Digital Investigation Days in the Netherlands, where I am chair of the organizing committee. This time 400 participants (mostly law enforcement) attended. Many new developments were presented on mobile phone investigations, chip of as well as big data and intelligent data analysis.

Currently we are also working together on IC4MF based in Brazil which is a world wide project on multimedia forensics. Since we are also working on camera identification, collaboration is always good for progress.

During the weekend I was just looking into big data with Hadoop and the integration of the sleuth kit on a commercial cloud system. It appears to work well for a simple setup, however I still prefer to have the computational power nearby, since it slows down the process somewhat and costs are somewhat unpredictable.

Also the call for papers for the DFWRS in Amsterdam  is finishing soon, so submissions are requested.
In Manchester for the Forensic Science Society conference