Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 2015

It is another nice month with writing and finishing research proposals, reviewing articles, doing some casework and giving some lectures. Also looking into drone forensics, it appears more research is done in this area and it is expected that cases will come in. I was in Magdeburg and gave a keynote talk at the conference IMF 2015. The city of Magdeburg has many well maintained old buildings and appears to be green. Also good discussions during the meeting on interpretation of forensic evidence as well the appropriate use of Likelihood ratios in Forensic IT, as well as uncertainty and confidence levels which are becoming more used in forensic analysis software.

I also went for a steering committee in Prague to prepare our annual meeting of the Forensic IT working group during the EAFS 2015. One of the goals is finishing the update of the Best Practice manual, and as always it is an issue if the manual does not become too detailed, however it there is excellent progress. It is also good to see new proficiency tests will be developed as well as our new ideas for R&D projects.