Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 2009

I had a short vacation in Helsink, Finlandi and Tallinn, Estonia. Also I went for two days to the Digital Imaging working group conference of ENFSI. I organized a workshop for identfication of cameras with PRNU , since I was planning to organize a collaborative exercise / proficiency test for this field, and furthermore would like to collaborate in a European project on this, however as always we need to find the time.

I was also maintaining my website, and it appeared that my forum had to be cleaned up, and was not used for a while. On line forums and mailing list are sometimes unpredicatable in their behavior, as I also experience with the FORENS-L list which I host. In the past it was not necessary to moderate, however nowadays it seems to be unavoidable, since flames occur.

This month I have my caseload to handle on the different cases, with also a reconstruction at the scene of crime. Also we are working on the WCIT 2010 on the cybersaftey and security track, which is a public private partnership.