Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 2008 (2) by Kelly Kilpatrick

Kelly Kilpatrick asked me if she could contribute to this blog with a guest article, and of course I am happy to do so.

5 Computer Forensics Blogs Worth Investigating

The field of computer forensics is constantly changing and evolving due to its inherent nature. Those who are tracked and investigated using forensic methods involving computers are usually trying to stay ahead of the curve, finding new and improved ways to evade their pursuers.

Computer forensics professionals work in a variety of settings, locations, and institutions for different groups that require their services and many of these professionals maintain blogs with news, tips, and advice for their colleagues. Here a few good computer forensics blogs that are worth a look.

Computer Forensics/E-Discovery Blog: This blogger works hard to share information, tips and tricks on a variety of issues related to the field of computer forensics. His proprietary software, Drive Prophet, has been tested by regular visitors to his blog and will be on the market soon. The software will be able to run many reports based on the drive in question and will help maximize time used when investigating hard drives.

Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis, and Digital Investigations: For extremely detailed explanations of a variety of procedures used by computer forensics experts, take a look at this blog. Simple, easy-to-use steps are part of this blogger’s way of giving back to the online computer forensics community. Browse the archives for specific tips you may be looking for.

Forensic Incident Response Blog: If you are interested in real-life scenarios in computer forensics and the proper way to deal with these scenarios, visit the Forensic Incident Response Blog. The protocols for various situations are laid out, including some tips on the latest in remote disk image analysis. Visit this blog for more information.

A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator: This blog is full of real world scenarios and advice from a self-proclaimed digital security guru. The blogger has worked for various technological, financial, and military institutions and has a wealth of knowledge to share on a wide array of topics. Browse through his archives and see what you can learn from the Security Monkey.

Forensic Computing: The Forensic Computing blog is a great one that examines the intricate relationship between computer science, information technology, and information security—as they all work together from the perspective of a computer forensic scientist. Looking at these details and how they work in helping to break down the processes utilized by criminals in real world applications is central to the blog. Discussion of digital evidence and admissibility, along with tips and advice make this blog worth a read.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

October 2008

Starting with the ENFSI meeting in Madrid, the forensic IT working group meeting, it was an excellent start of the month. Many new developments were presented in the different fields, and the organisation in Madrid was excellent.

The week before we had a FIDIS meeting in Dresden, and that was also very nice, so we can work further on PRNU also perhaps on sourceforge. We tried to link the different videos in Youtube with PRNU, however it did not work well yet, perhaps due to compression.

Also casework is going on. When I was in Madrid, I received an invitation to testify in court on a case, however this was such a short notice, that it was not feasible anymore.

Also enough new developments in the organisation, so it looks like a busy month.