Sunday, April 05, 2015

April 2015

This month we had the submission deadline for the special issue on big data and intelligent data analysis for the Journal Digital Investigation. There are many good contributions for the journal, and currently all submissions are processed.

Also besides working on some casework, currently I have a student working on forensic traces in drones, since it appears that the number of drones for consumer sold is growing rapidly. There is not much research in this field yet related on forensics and traces that can be recovered after a crime happened, and as we saw at the AAFS conference  in February two papers were presented there.

It is good to see that open source software within the forensic community is more wider available, as we can see  also at . It was suprising to see how easy the software is to install and use as we can see for example in Autopsy by Brian Carrier. Also the NFI developed open source software such as defraser, for analysis and repair of video. Furthermore we see in biometrics also several approaches for open source software which appear major enough to use for research.

In May there is a conference of 9th International Conference on IT Security Incident Management & IT Forensics in Magdeburg were I am preparing a keynote talk for. More research is see on investigation on malware and android forensics and upcoming research on private browsing software, such as Tor, I2P and many others is expected.

Image of Magdeburg where the IMF conference is held
GrĂ¼ne Zitadelle, Hundertwasserhaus