Wednesday, December 05, 2012

December 2012

The One Topic One Day symposium of ENFSI on accreditation in Digital Evidence in Tallinn, where I was invited for a talk on Quality Assurance in Digital Evidence both as chairman of the ENFSI and from the view of the NFI, was very nice. It very much depends on the size and the kind of procedures that are handled within the forensic lab. However it appeared that there are many solutions for the rate of change. In the Netherlands we are working with accreditation of R&D in casework within ISO 17025.

Currently the new guideline standard ISO 27032 is published on Information technology -- Security techniques -- Guidelines for identification, collection, acquisition and preservation of digital evidence. New standards are being developed and new standards in ISO are being developed. ISO/IEC 2703727041, 27042 and 27043 is to promote good practice methods and processes for forensic investigation of digital evidence. 

Currently working on several papers and some presentations as well as reviewing and preparing for an ENFSI meeting in Berlin with the board, where we are looking into developments within forensic science, and of course one of the topics will be how to handle cuts of budgets with keeping the quality the same or better..