Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October 2011

The month is with relatively many conferences, so one week I am in Montreal, Canada at the Colloquium IT Security Cyber Forensics and Combatting Cybercrime. Much nice forensic research on different aspects on cybercrime analysis and attacks. Also excellent for networking. I also gave an invited talk there, and it is an excellent venue, and also good to practice French language, although there was parrallel translation. The advantage of conferences is also that I have time to review proposals, write some text and look to planning. Also interesting to see that the costs of cybercrime is difficult to estimate, since much is not seen by governments.

Two weeks for casework, and looking for results from experiments of students on different topics as camera identification, enf and iris scanners. Also nice opportunities for European projects in the field.

Then one week at the lab, and the next week to ChongQing, China for the 2nd BIT Forensic Conference. Last year it was very nice, and I am looking forward to be there.