Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 2009

January started good. The European network of Forensic Institutes was having a meeting on their Research and Development in Birmingham. When visiting Birmingham, it appeared that the prices where much lower than in the past, also caused by the exchange rate of the pound. It was nice to see that prices are reasonable again in England. I also had this experience when ordering some electronics in England with Ebay.

Within Europe we see that forensic science is developing in a market. In England and Wales, forensic science is more a market, and there is even a regulator. Also in the Netherlands a market is developing in forensic science, and this is progressing with different companies being active on the Dutch market. Of course, it has some challenges in quality assurance, however it is good to have more choice also when coping with backlogs, as long as the quality is also guaranteed of course.

This month I had to finish some publications and reviews. So as always busy, also with some work for the European Commission as an evaluator. Also doing some casework, and giving some presentations, as well as working on projects.