Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014

It is a month with some casework, and some new developments. As program manager big data and cyber forensics we see many new challenges coming in. The variety of devices is growing each day, and of course many new forensic products are developed. Also attention on devices such as smart TVs, drones, medical devices even robot vacuum cleaners with many sensors that store data are of interest to the forensic community.

In the week of 18 November we have the yearly ENFSI Forensic IT Working group in Tallinn, Estonia. As chairman of this working group, I am looking forward to the presentations and the collaboration with CEPOL. I hope there will be some results of collaborative exercises also. One of the documents that is of interest how to include Bayesian conclusions in the Forensic IT working group. Discussions include how to determine the Likehood Ratio and how to determine priors in more complex crime scenes.  Validation and testing of forensic software and error, uncertainty and loss in digital evidence remain topics for discussion.