Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 2007

The AAFS was a very interesting conference in which progress has been made to form a digital evidence and multimedia section. After this conference I didn't have much time, due to backlogs. We had to write new and modified project proposals, do casework, give advise, and had several visitors.

Furthermore I went to Damascus for one week. It was a nice and relaxed vacation. We rented a car and visited many nice sites and visited very good restaurants. Our hotel was in the mountains around Damascus, and it was a good time to relax.

Currently I am sitting at the FIDIS general meeting. Many interesting talks on identity related issues. As leader of WP 6, it appears we had some trouble with delivering the deliverable on time. The issue is that it was difficult to find a forensic profiler with the necessary clearance on time. Suddenly we are working on a solution by cooperating with the University of Lausanne, and I have a good feeling that this deliverable will be finished in 2006. The nice part of FIDIS is that it is more multi-disciplinary, so I get more insights in different perspectives.