Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dunes of Zandvoort

When cycling from my work to my home (with train connection), I go through the dunes, which is convenient and nice to see.

July 2008

It is a month of reviews, writing, planning and doing some casework. Also the vacations are starting these months, so everything is more quiet. However it is a good time to do the work. We will put a Java applet on sourceforge for computing PRNU of cameras. It has been developed by a student at our lab and works very nice for making databases of Pixel Non Response Uniformity of cameras. I will post the link here as soon as it is available, which is expected in a few weeks.

We might consider linking cameras on Youtube with this method (with the University of Dresden) which is one of the research topics of the new deliverable of FIDIS . I am also happy that our deliverable on forensic profiling is ready for review by the European Commission now.

In the meantime I decided (due to my earlier health issues) not to make long trips to Australia, so unfortunately I can not attend the meeting in Melbourne. Also some preparation of the ENFSI meeting of the Forensic IT Working group in Madrid 1-3 October. And also invited as speaker at 2nd International Workshop on Computational Forensics in Washington DC.