Friday, September 23, 2005

September -3

The laser-operation worked out well. I can see more clearly then ever before. Last week we had the ENFSI Forensic IT conference joint with FIDIS and IOCE. There were over 50 participants, and it was organized in Amsterdam, with a visit to our new lab in Den Haag. It seemed to be excellent and there were many good presentations. Much was focused on mobile devices.

Our lab was in the dutch news, more information is available from . There was lots of discussion on this during the last week in dutch press.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September 2005-2

Yesterday evening I went to have laser surgeon of my eyes with LASIK. It was an interesting experience. They made a thin flap of 110 microns, which also was verified and appeared to be correct, in order to correct my astigmatism of -7.0 . The laser procedure in total only took 20 minutes in total. For making the flap the sight was shortly black, and then during the laser, I saw a green light with red and white light. There was some pressure on the eye, however it was not painful. During the procedure there was a smell of burnt tissue. With one eye I had moved a little, however the laser tracker worked fine and switched off. After the procedure the eyes had some glare vision, and after several hours it became clear. I can see without glasses of contact lenses, and it appears to be OK. The equipment used is shown at .

Sunday, September 04, 2005

September 2005

Last month the IAFS in Hong Kong was a very well organized event, with much on digital evidence going on there. For the first time I also did some demonstration in a workshop on this field, with two software products that we develop at the forensic institute, TULP2G and rdddisk (this will be available also as open source distribution). Further in the scientific session I gave a talk on biometric systems and some of our Research and development. It was of interest to see that in the medical systems, the 3D-measurement systems (with laser and interferometry).

It was very nice to meet so many colleagues in different fields from all over the world. Still there were only a few African countries involved in this field, so who knows the next meeting in New Orleans in 3 years will also resolve this.

This month will be somewhat hectic. When back from Hong Kong I had a flue (even in summer that appears possible). However in one week I am looking forward to the organization of the FIDIS and ENFSI Forensic IT working group meeting . So, we have to finalize the first report for FIDIS . This weekend I worked further on that, and the contents and contribution seems more promising than I expected. We will look to different issues on forensic identity management, from biometric devices to mobile systems combined with a law perspective on the various law systems in different countries. The multidisciplinary approach of this network gives more insights of a subjects and more views, than would be possible with just the forensic field involved in it.

On September 28th will be held, and I hope to present some of our new results with biometric devices and the FIDIS project. It is my first experience with presenting on such an online-conference. The access is free to anyone who registers.