Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September 2005-2

Yesterday evening I went to have laser surgeon of my eyes with LASIK. It was an interesting experience. They made a thin flap of 110 microns, which also was verified and appeared to be correct, in order to correct my astigmatism of -7.0 . The laser procedure in total only took 20 minutes in total. For making the flap the sight was shortly black, and then during the laser, I saw a green light with red and white light. There was some pressure on the eye, however it was not painful. During the procedure there was a smell of burnt tissue. With one eye I had moved a little, however the laser tracker worked fine and switched off. After the procedure the eyes had some glare vision, and after several hours it became clear. I can see without glasses of contact lenses, and it appears to be OK. The equipment used is shown at .

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