Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 2014

December is as always a busy month at the beginning and then the last part is more quiet, with the holiday season. When I look back on this month, we had a very good meeting in Tallinn, Estonia for our ENFSI IT Working group. Investigation methods on forensic data science as well as methods for digital investigation are worthwhile exploring.

For the journal Digital Investigation we have a new call for paper on big data and intelligent analysis, where Katrin Franke and I are guest editors of this edition.

Special Issue on Big Data and Intelligent Data Analysis

The Journal of Digital Investigation covers cutting edge developments in digital forensics and incident response from around the globe.
We welcome submissions for a special issue on big data and intelligent data analysis.
The issue will focus on the challenges presented to digital forensics and incident response in big data and intelligent data analysis.

We seek submissions including case studies, practitioner reports of what works in practice, survey articles covering state-of-the-art and future needs, objective tool reviews, and relevant legal analysis als on privacy concerns. We are also looking for work that proposes possible normalization and standardization in this area.
Deadline for submissions is 15 March 2015.

Visit the journal page for more information and to contribute to this special issue.

The amount of data in an average case of digital evidence is growing rapidly. When large amounts of data have to be examined, ranging from log files  to huge amounts of multimedia files from servers and other sources such as smart phones, intelligent data analysis is necessary to interpret the data.

This issue will cover big data and intelligent data analysis on :

- Digital evidence examination with big data solutions such as Hadoop
- Analyzing large amounts of log files from botnets

- Interpretation of forensic  data with intelligent data analysis

- Issues and solutions for storing and backups of Petabytes of information
- Methods for faster indexing of huge amounts of data

- Methods for presenting large amounts of data to the court / visualisation methods
- Aspects of privacy protection related to processing big data

In an effort to increase understanding and advance the state of the art, this special issue is dedicated to presenting the varying views regarding big data and intelligent data analysis from a forensic perspective

Submit a case study, survey paper, tool review, or other contribution on big data and intelligent data analysis now.