Sunday, June 07, 2009

June 2009

Last weeks I had some travelling to Cyprus and Ankara for the FIDIS project and for the ENFSI annual meeting in Ankara. It was organized very well, and also I received the opportunity to give a presentation concerning our working group Forensic IT (which will have a meeting in September in Wiesbaden ). At the meeting most ENFSI-members (directors of Forensic Institutes) where present. The EAFS 2009 meeting in Glasgow was also discussed, where also focus will be on Digital Evidence, and I also have to do some preparation work. It is good to see there is a digital technology track at this conference.

It is also interesting to see the different efforts of forensic registers of practicioners. It appears that the CRFP in the United Kingdom has been ceased, as is also shown on their website In the Netherlands we have a law on forensic expertise, so I expect this to be a more solid register, however it is interesting to see the conversion process from the old system to the new system which will start July 1st.

This year is also a good publication year for me, since several papers, and book chapters have been / will be published. Last years we had many students that also did a lot of research work, and this helps also in the development of tools and of course writing articles. The number of cases that I handle is stable, and of course new challenges are given there. Also research of PRNU is now used in the casework for camera comparison. In real casework it does however not always work, since sometimes other patterns are recognized.