Monday, April 01, 2013

April 2013

During eastern some time to review reports and papers, and also to have a look at my website and do some updates and further work.

Currently working on several cases and applying for some funds for R&D projects, however as usual not always successful (since many people apply for funding and there is competition, and moreover it is a challenge to write understandable proposals for evaluators, however we learn from every comment).

In April we will also prepare for the conference in September of the ENFSI Forensic IT Working group which will be held from 24-27 September in Linkoping, Sweden.

For R&D projects we also have some intern-ships  and I prefer to have more students working on the same topic, since it appears to me often more efficient.They are available for universities and sometimes we also have students from outside the EU, however it takes somewhat more time for getting approval. Also looking for further collaboration with the University of Amsterdam.

As you can see below, it is interesting to see the number of threats and the countries that they originate from to my website according to the software that I use. I can see also the more complicated captcha protection does not work always that well, and see several dictionary attacks so 2-step verification methods should be used. Currently I use more open source software, however it is important to keep them updated.

In response to growing international interest, is working with our European colleagues to organize a conference in Amsterdam in Spring 2014. The DFRWS Europe Conference will he held in addition to the DFRWSConference that is held in North America every August.

To help the DFRWS grow, please complete the following survey:

Survey - DFRWS Europe Conference in Amsterdam