Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 2008

This month is just warmer than normal in many senses. With my website I had some issues with traffic and spamming which was difficult to prevent, and as always takes more time than expected, however now everything seems to work again.

Sometimes you experience that some training at work can help you in you household as well. When moving we had a safe where we had lost the key from. As I had done in the past some lock-picking training when I was a tool mark examiner, now it appeared to work. After one hour working it appeared I could enter this safe, so I was happy again.

We also had some results of the somewhat worse housing market when selling our apartments in Amsterdam. It appeared that the buyer could have his mortgage ready much later than expected, since the banks are not so easy anymore. For that reason it was several weeks later than scheduled that the apartment was sold.

We started with several students this year on several research and development projects. It appeared that the deliverable for FIDIS is also progressing now as well as some work for the encyclopedia.

In February I will go to the AAFS, and of course look forward to this. Washington DC is a very nice place, and for Europeans it is not expensive anymore.