Sunday, November 04, 2007

November 2007

Last week I had to do an internal recertification for the NFI to sign reports. I had to defend eight reports for a committee with one external expert from the Forensic Science Service in the UK. Since all my reports in Dutch they are translated in English, which takes lots of time before the quality of translation is good enough.

I learned my lessons in the past, and did prepare this meeting in a proper way. I had all the files available, and it is also good to see if the files in archive are correctly, and they where ! I finally passed this exam with good resuls and now I am qualified for another four years unless of course there is a decision from the director or perhaps a change of law. It is good, however too much bureaucracy is involved in my opinion.

Now we are thinking on a new deliverable for FIDIS on camera and person identification. I hope to present some of this in the meeting on Monday.