Sunday, January 15, 2006

January 2006

January is a month with new thoughts and plans. Finishing some casework from 2005, with length measurements and 3D techniques. Also plans with new projects for Biometrics are currently developed. Furthermore, in these months we will have several students for our Research and Development projects.

Also a deliverable of FIDIS is finished, and I am looking forward to work on the next parts of FIDIS. I hope we will have a new candidate working on profiling.

The next thing is working on some writing of short articles and editing a chapter of a encyclopedia. As chairman of the AAFS engineering section, we have the conference in February, and there is also lots of preparation for the presentations and workshop.

Currently we are also busy working more closely together with the police on forensic service centers. I have some plans with doing more research and development together and analysis of video and biometric information from CCTV-systems.

This month I was also elected as chair of our union. So some additional time to spend. As long as I do not have to much administration, and just do the things I like, it will work out well. It is just the combination of the work, that willl give you a flow of working.

And of course I also have to take care about ENFSI and the EAFS-meeting. We submitted a workshop meeting, and are trying to organize a steering commitee meeting in Helsinki. However we also have to submit some abstracts for this.

As always I am optimistic about the future. This week I was also on Dutch televsion with some kind of CSI-program where I demonstrated the value of 3D models and reconstructions.