Sunday, August 01, 2010

August 2010

August is starting with more casework then usual, and also new cases that come in. It might be caused by a new law on experts in the Netherlands that delays the cases somewhat since all cases need a court order.

Also there is a new policy from Dutch government on blogging for their employees, however as far as I can see the posts that I do fit very well in this policy. The policy is limited to the common practice of blogging.

I have submitted a workshop and a paper for the AAFS before August 1st. Furthermore I am working on reviews for the IWCF International Workshop on Computational Forensics in Japan. Also some reviews for journals, which I have to finish soon.

I am also looking forward to the ENFSI Conference Forensic IT in Moscow , where we are working further on. I think there are many good contributions.

Currently we have some possibilities for students to do a project on Image Analysis and camera Identification. Mostly in R&D I work with students for development and implemenation of new algorithms and also validation projects.