Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 2006 (3)

At the end of december, finishing tasks and deadlines. The handouts of the AAFS workshop in February should be ready now. Then I have some work for writing and reviewing articles. Also the FIDIS network of excellence asks me to write a small contribution to a deliverable, which should be finished soon.

The most suprising is that I have to go to court on the 27 December 2006, to explain a report that I have written on CCTV-evidence. Normally you just can finish and clean tasks, however it belongs to the job. Furthermore I have to be reachable for my work 24 hours a day these two weeks, in case expertise is needed. However it is all nice. I also have to clean up my mailbox, since it appeared I had 9 Gigabytes in my mailbox and the mailserver was not very happy with that. That also takes some work (since I like to have all mail available of the past for the information).

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