Thursday, March 31, 2005


Last month some thoughts on combining an IOCE and ENFSI-Forensic IT meeting together with FIDIS (1 day) in September in Amsterdam. I think this might work out, since we might share experience with personal certification and accreditation in the field of digital evidence, and of course look into the future of identification systems (like biometric devices, but also digital right management systems and future tracking in mobiles etc) together with the EU network of excellence.

In March I had to work on several cases (which I can not go in detail here). Furthermore many colleagues (including myself) had some symptoms that seemed like flue. There were also several official visits to our new building, and since I am involved in a project on biometrics, it appears that there are many questions from those visitors and much interest in this topic, since the new passport will have a biometric chip in it.

The FIDIS network of excellence had a meeting in Berlin, which is a city that I like very much. We had to discuss the deliverables, and I think it was a good meeting, since we have our plans ready now. One of the other topics is also identity theft or fraud with the identity systems.

It appeared that our Prince-2 project management system also had some good points : the end users will become more involved in the projects. The negative point I see at the moment is that the project plans are not easy to read and of course, more bureauracry.

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