Friday, July 01, 2005

June 2005 -2

The summer vacation for many colleagues has begun. That is the time that I have some time for writing, finishing articles and publications. We are currently just testing the biometric devices, and also some claims of the manufacturers. For example with the vein pattern detection methods. This week we were freightened how easy veins could be imitated with very simple equipment at our laboratory. Just a pen and paper will do the trick. More information will follow in the FIDIS report.

The social acceptance of fingerprints in biometric systems is rapidly improving. Of course the fingerprint can be spoofed, however it can be useful in various applications. It is also for convenience. For instance with the credit card banks and customers accept that data can be copied and lost easily, since there is trust in the system. When developing and implementing such systems the user and manufacturer should be aware of the risk of theft of information. Of course at one side people with claim if you have nothing to hide, you can share all your information, however at the other side is that databases can be used later on (maybe in 20 years), when many rules, laws and or governemnts have been changed, which makes is inpredictable what happens with this data.

This month I also changed my web provider, and migrated all the data. The advantage is more storage, bandwith and scripting possibilities against lower costs ! This week I also received permission for the IAFS in Hong Kong .

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