Tuesday, December 06, 2005


As allways December is a month to reconsider and finish work (especially the last week of December is very quiet, and is good to do that research you had never time for if you have to go to work). In this month of course casework, and always the conflict between speed and quality. Managers want to have the cases processed faster each time, however the problem is that chances for mistakes are somewhat higher then. However of course, I may not complain, since they are also aware of this issue.

This month some vacation time, a meeting in Rome with the ENFSI chairpersons of the working groups, some meetings etc. I was also busy with our internal certification process. The rules around this system are sometimes to strict in my opinion. Last week a colleague should have an exam with expert witnesses from Germany and the UK. Suddenly they stopped this examination since some of the details in new rules (that were not approved yet), were not fulfilled. It is the bureaucrazy;) that rules. A better alternative might be an independent or perhaps several bodies that does this kind of testing, and not a combination of colleagues. There are several efforts for this, for instance in the UK, the USA and within the ENFSI.

Of course also preparing work for the AAFS-conference and several other meetings. For FIDIS a re-review of a document. All to be finished at the end of December, so perhaps it will not be a quiet month after all.

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