Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 2008

Last month I had a lung infection, and was sick for a whole time, so I did not have much time to do work. Perhaps some allergic/hypersensitive reaction which caused this, so still some examinations at the hospital, howevever it seems to be more stable now. It all started when I came back by airplane from Madrid and was hospitalized at the airport due to health issues.

I could just do some emailing and some work from home, and then it is still convenient to have the connection, however since health is also important, I also took a week vacation to recover.

Just had some extra time to do some writing articles from home, do some research, and make some planning, and yes.. time to review articles. Casework is not possible from home, however I still had discussion concerning a case since we had different opinions. I am not sure if I will make trips with airplanes that take more than 12 hours this year. The other things are continuing, so it is all progressing with ENFSI, AAFS and FIDIS. I will submit a proposal for a workshop and a paper I think.

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