Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 2010

A cold month with lots of snow. However also nice developments are going on. The American Academy of Forensic Sciences with the Annual meeting in Seattle will be a very nice event. I will chair the revised workshop on Multimedia Analysis, where we will also have a hands on training on camera identification. Also analysis of video files will be a part of this, and since I am chairman of the Section Digital and Multimedia Sciences, it is nice to see that the field is expanding further. And this week I am also working on many new students that start with projects and developing software for the open source that we have for forensic software.

We have several students that work in house, however also many have projects that will be run from the universities / hogescholen in the Netherlands themselves. The students Informatics with a minor on Forensics of the Hogeschool Amsterdam will also start with several projects. Sometimes we had extremely good results. Most often this happens if the project is small, well defined, and ofen development in Java or .NET will give good results. Working on existing projects remains a challenge, since often documentation remains an issue.

In the meantime, we are preparing the conference for our Working Group of Forensic IT of ENFSI in Moscow, Russia. It will be in September, more information is available soon. And in the meantime, I have also some casework and other work to do. However good planning is always half of the work.

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