Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July 2011

In June organized an event on video investigation with the police in the Netherlands, also with a BBQ, since it is our tradition. Of course it is somewhat warmer in the summer.

Also preparing some papers for the AAFS, since August 1st is approaching soon, and some other deadlines for papers and reviewing activities. This month I had to limit the number of review requests, since otherwise I could not fetch deadlines. It is often that requests for reviews arrive before the summer, and often it has to be done in a short time.

I also went to Salvador, Brazil, to the conference ICT in forensics. It was an international conference with participants from Europe, US and Asia. I was invited to give a course on some aspects on forensic ICT, especially handling images and video. It was a nice event, and I organized some hands on workshop, and it the day went very fast to me. Doing these events is also good to present and discuss on forensic issues, and widen the view on interpretation of evidence. In this conference besides forensic scientist also prosecutors and attorneys were present, so it was a good audience.

Also our paper on likelihood ratios in cameras was published in law probablity and risk, so it was good to see.


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