Friday, May 03, 2013

May 2013

It appears to become a nice month, with some project proposals that appear. Last month I invited Nick Goldman at the NFI for a presentation on storage of data  on DNA. At the moment it somewhat costly, however DNA can store the information for thousands of years, something that current digital storage devices are not able to. Since one can store on 1 gram of DNA 2.2 million gigabits of information, this would be 468.000 DVDs, so it is in theory big data. Also developments of data storage in graphene or interesting to watch. Retrieving digital evidence might get more challenging if these developments continue.

This month, I am looking forward since I was invited for the Legal Forum in St Petersburg Russia, to give a presentation there and also in Shanghai, China to a forensic conference on some developments in forensic digital and multimedia evidence. Currently we are also working on the ENFSI Forensic IT Working group meeting in September in Link√∂ping, Sweden, where new developments will be presented.

Currently working on different project proposals for R&D, some casework, reviews, and looking into collaboration and funding possibilities.


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