Friday, March 25, 2011

March 2011

This month I was busy since I had a knee surgery, which went well. So before this date I waited for the urgent issues and casework that had to be handled before deadlines. The recovery period of this knee operation is about two weeks, and it feels like being repaired now.

It appears I am on a list of forensics degree , and there is a wide variety of blogs available on forensic science, such as Cyber Forensics Blog by DMS member Marcus Rogers
has a few recent posts. the Windows Incident Response Blog by one of our newest DMS
members, Harlan Carvey, is at: Always good to see some discussions on digital and multimedia sciences.

Currently we see more interest also in Nucleair forensics, which is important to handle in specialized labs as such and is important in analysing disasters as in Japan.

Also there is an interesting article in Spectrum of IEEE on the law of Moore, where the author claims the growth of speed of super computers will slow down. It is also nice to read that in 10 years the fastest super computer in 1997 has the same speed as a game console in 2006. However perhaps new architectures and other means will also keep us up with the Moores law.

With my knee surgery I now have some time to read and do some reviews. So I collected all tasks which can be done from home untill this date. Obviously I can not work on casework at home, however writing articles and reading the current state of the art in depth is important to keep up with developments.

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Hi Zeno,

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