Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guest post by Nancy Parker

Gather Evidence to Prosecute Cyber-Criminals with Tech Forensics

Digital or tech forensics provide the digital evidence required to apprehend a hacker engaged
in criminal activity in the digital world. Without digital evidence, prosecution is not possible
and justice is unlikely. Tech forensics increases the possibility that justice will be served if the
hacker’s steps can be traced.

Corporations can take precautions. Proactive measures can be taken with the use of digital
forensics to prevent future breaches. Corporations can examine vulnerabilities and implement
safeguards to increase security in those areas.

For instance, wireless-based technology and infrastructure has grown in popularity in the last
10 years, but it is not without its vulnerabilities. Security threats are common with wireless
infrastructure. Wireless technology provides corporations with flexibility and convenience, but
it also opens the door for corruption, criminal activity and intentional misuse. Tech forensics can
help companies identify areas of weakness and close those doors for potential breaches while
maintaining convenience for the company.

The Future of Tech Forensics and Wireless Networks

More research in the field of tech forensics and wireless networks is required to prevent breaches
and gather adequate evidentiary support when breaches do occur. Currently, most companies
make use of wireless local area networks (WLANs). In an effort to reduce potential breaches,
researchers proposed a new wireless model in 2010 that incorporates a wireless drone with a
forensic server.

The wireless forensic model (WFM) monitors wireless network traffic at multiple access points
(APs). Wireless drones are employed to accomplish this goal. During monitoring, the drones
collect information about the network traffic and forward it to a centralized forensic server. The
server will store all acquired data for evaluation and future use. These systems were tested to
determine the efficacy and viability of the new model.

When evaluated on its ability to gather evidentiary information and store trails of digital
evidence relating to an attack, WFM proved its ability. The new model is capable of capturing
data generated even at the maximum speeds of a WLAN configuration. In most instances, data
integrity was maintained and details of the attacks were provided. When evaluated, researchers
found that the WFM model was capable of providing information about any attack that occurred.
This development marked the beginning of a new and more secure wireless network for

Prosecuting Cyber-Criminals

Without evidentiary support, cyber-criminals cannot be prosecuted and stopped. When
technology is put into place to gather evidence, the next phase of capturing cyber-criminals can
occur. DNA testing and analysis is another aspect of tech forensics that helps corporations gather
evidence to incarcerate guilty cyber-criminals. This technology is older and has been employed
since the 1980s. Newer technologies are expected to have a greater degree of precision.

Prior to implementing a strategy to catch cyber-criminals, every company should review the
basic principles of computer hacking forensic investigation. This ensures that companies
are gathering evidence in a “forensically sound manner.” When the information is captured
according to the principles, it can be used in a court of law to prosecute cyber-criminals. If
the evidence gathering procedures do not comply with the regulations for forensic evidence
gathering, the evidence may not be used in a court of law. Legal evidence is instrumental in
capturing cyber-criminals and gaining justice for victims.

How is Your Companies Tech Forensics Strategy?

More hacking incidents have occurred in the past two years than has historically occurred. Your
company’s tech forensics strategy is essential to survival. Talk with a professional that can
provide information about tech forensics solutions available to prevent breaches and capture

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