Saturday, July 07, 2012

July 2012

Just updating my weblog in Istanbul at the airport since I just attended the International Association of Legal Medicine IALM 2012, where I presented a paper on face comparison as well as other body parts for forensic investigations and a poster on camera identification. It was a nice conference closed to the water in the Halic conference center, and good to see some good papers on CT and MRI imaging techniques for pathology. Where the main message is that these techniques are additional to the regular atopsy, since some causes of death can be determined by CT scans and angiography and others can only be determined by an atopsy. Also the AAFS had a special session within the conference which discussed the further implementation of the outcomes of the NAS-report.

Lately I received several messages of social network sites and even my phone provider that the database of password was hacked by cybercriminals. So it seems that either they did not detect it before, or they did not inform me, or perhaps indeed more sites are hacked. Having different passwords on different sites can help, however of course the best would be to have a 2-way protection as such, which some sites as gmail have implemented. 

Now it is also the time to submit abstracts for the American Academy of Forensic Science, since they should be in before August 1st. Also the Forensic IT Working group meeting in Rome, in October is also coming nearby.

the conference center of IALM

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