Monday, July 12, 2004


It has been a day starting with the dentist. After that I had to prepare the court case in which I have to testify as expert witness today. We had a meeting with our image processing group concerning the casework and special attention was given to the budget of 2005 and the planning of conferences.

This afternoon I went to court with my colleague. We both went to the court room, and I had to wait for an hour outside of the court room. After that several questions were asked, which I was able to answer. It concerned questions on photogrammetry and 3D modelling. At 17.00 pm I was home early, since the court is in the city were I live.

That evening I wanted to connect an extra analog phone line. Switching from ISDN to analog is very expensive with KPN if you have ADSL. It appeared that the wires were not available for this line, so I had to call them, and wait a long time. On friday they would send someone.

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