Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Case work, meetings and R&D

This week seems to begin fine. I could finish a report, in which I described that the investigation would be time consuming and that the final result as we expect would not give much information. Other cases had to be finished before we move with our building. So, for that reason I promised to finish a case in one month.

Vacation is there, however it seems that I still can reach many persons who I need to contact. It is good that there are some less meetings, and it is a good time at work to have some thoughts on projects. Project management in a professional environment is even more challenging.

I was thinking on writing a chapter for a book. I had some backlog, and now I have my ideas again. Furthermore I finished the submission of abstracts for AAFS. The only thing I have to look at is the ENFSI-meeting and the FIDIS-group.



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