Saturday, July 10, 2004

Last week


Each Monday we have a meeting for the image processing and biometrics part of the department and we discuss the progress of cases and R&D-projects. Furthermore I have to look in the progress of the R&D-projects. The problem is however that they always seem to be slower than expected, partly due to the case load. Publications are even more dificult.


I had to write a report on an image processing case and a face comparison case. Furthermore I was planning some contributions for the next years AAFS-conference . We were thinking on having the same kind of workshop as last year on image processing, and then extended to one day. I also have to write some articles.

Finally I have a complete day to work on cases. I did not do the required number of cases, and that is not good for the recertification. However it seems that I am on a good track now. I finished a report on image comparisons. I also had some discussions on the certification requirements within our lab. I had a bad experience with this, and I could imagine that other people were worried about this. There are some good points on recertification : that you will fulfill the required level, however it still seems to be a system like going to school. In this system you have to do exams and learn lots on new views of criminalistics and law. Due to all that kind of efforts I spend less time on publications, and that is also nice to do.

Today I also setup some software on my Linux server. I had some license troubles with face comparison software that I would like to test.

Finally at home, I managed to setup our wireless system. However I am looking for a stronger signal that can cope with the concrete and the metal within. Perhaps I have to buy a new router of wifi, of even an antenna.

I received the point for the exam of criminalistics. It was a 7. So I passed this test after not passing the first time. It is strange if you work for 12,5 years at the lab that you still have to do exams. The system works with persons within the lab that I know well, and I think it would have been better to have an external accreditation board. Our management tells us that that will be in future.
I also handle a case were I might have to go to court on Monday.

A day off. I receive a phone call that I have to go to court on Monday for a case.

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