Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tuesday and Wednesday

This morning I had seen some reactions on our testimonies in the newspaper. It was also posted on our intranet, so I received some reaction from the colleagues. I had to make some phone calls concering cases, however the problem is that most of the persons I had to call were on vacation.

In the afternoon I did some visit outside of the laboratory at Schiphol. It is always good to get different impressions.

That night it appeared that KPN had again canceled my request for a new phone line. I was on the phone for 30 minutes, and they did not have a reason why that happened. So, I filed a complaint at their web site.

This morning I had to visit the doctor due to a middle ear infection. In the morning I had to organize my room again, since there were too many cables from old systems, and that is not good for quality assurance of my R&D projects. So I cleaned it up in preparation of a new system for testing biometric systems.

We discussed the plans for 2005, and I did some literature search for a student on 3D and crime scenes. With STN we retrieved some more than she already had, so it seemed to be useful.

Again I had to make the preparation for the AAFS workshop. Furthermore I was working on the project progress in the departement. That afternoon I was somewhat more optimistic, since it seemed that we spend more time on R&D.

To my surprise KPN called that they had read my complaint, and the problem was that there were no wires anymore. For that reason they had to send a technician and for technical reasons I had to wait 3 weeks. I was glad that I finally received an explanation.

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