Saturday, July 17, 2004

Last part of the week

It was on thursday business as usual. First I had some meetings of the union at our lab. We discussed about the wide variety of consultants that are active within our lab, and would like to have an overview. Furthermore next week we would have a meeting with our director, and discuss the committee for reviewing the certification and examination process of our experts at the lab.
That morning I tried to look further in some casework, however I first had a discussion about the distance that exist between the people that do the casework and the HRM-people and the quality assurance employees. It is the problem of an organization that grows, that bureaucracy and more new rules that are developed. In my opinion people can not cope with that many rules, and the value of each additional rule is less.
In the afternoon another meeting on technology and future perspective and thoughts on new projects. In the evening we had some diner with our visiting colleagues. It was a nice fish restaurant in Scheveningen, and I enjoyed the discussions and of course the food.
On Friday I had to wait at home for some reparation of our appartement. There was a gap in the wall which was caused by examining the cause of a broken water supply. It appeared that they had to do some new orders, and after their vacation (so probably more than one month from now), it would be repaired.
In the afternoon I looked further in our AAFS workshop, and all contributions were in. Furthermore, I looked in the number of submissions for our SPIE meeting, and it was more than expected.
In the evening some fitness at our fitness center, and a good glass of wine at my favourite pub. I was thinking of the email of a colleague who was worried of some things that he found in my garbage in my office. It were some old slides of presentations and a coffee cup that he would like to have.
On Saturday I had to deal with all the spam that I received. I tried different products, however still the filtering was not enough. So I tried some other kind of prevention, and reorganized my mail box.
In the evening we went on bike to Schiphol, and then it appeared to rain a lot. Most flight were diverted or canceled that evening.

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